Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Howdy Doodle,

Last weekend was quite impressive. I reiterated my last minute decision making preference. On Thursday, my plan was to get in my car on Friday and start driving towards Canada (16hrs). By Friday, I had a place to stay in New York, and two very amazing friends to spend the weekend.

I drove up the New Jersey Turnpike Friday evening whilst drinking an amazing cup of joe from Wawa's quick stop chain. (Very popular up here... who the heck named it Wawa???) I left Maryland in about errr 70 degree weather and arrived north of NYC at around 35. A cold front moved in Friday night. Saturday morning we woke early to catch the 7:43 train into Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

Saturday morning rounds included the Empire State Bldg, Times Square, Central Park, amazing break dancers on the side of the street, large apple store, largest Tiffany's jewelery store... , the signature Macy's, cabbing to Brooklyn to eat at Peter Lugar (the nation's best steak), cabbing to wall street, walking to ground zero, walking through china town, going to a pub, cabbing back to Grand Central, then training back home.

Sunday included driving north to Hyde Park, the location of FDR's home. Touring his House, his presidential library, and seeing amazing tree foliage... geeze it was perfect. For lunch we drove east across the Hudson to a small town near the Catskill Mountains to eat at a high acclaimed Authentic German restaurant... it was awesome. The waitresses were dressed in German dresses. I had a super tasty Spaten Oktoberfest beer and some amazing Jaeger Schnitzel.

Afterward, I drove back to Southern Maryland. Quite and adventure.

This week will be the final week of this stay in Maryland. I will end the week between DC and Baltimore possible. I am thinking about spending a day in Harper's Ferry west of DC and possible going to a Leeland concert in Baltimore. We shall see.

In other news, Eric Brown and I probably have the most number of legit mutual friends on Facebook. I challenge you to beat our numbers, 208.

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