Thursday, October 30, 2003

so i play chess right? in high school i was considered good within my youth group.. undefeated since our tournament in Mexico 2 summers ago. The truth in all actuality is that they were terrible. Its kinda how Churchhill described democracy... " The best of the worst". (Thank you Jon Bond). So when i came to college i started to play online alot during my classes... specifically engineering 111. My record is like.. 2 and 36. I am constantly in check and then mysteriously i lose! i don't even see it coming... its depressing! i suck at chess! granted these opponets have records exceeding 1000 wins. But the point of my story was last night, at 1 A.M. i was studying for my test this evening... I did not have time to study this weekend for it cuz i spent HOURS on phsyics... The cramming is causing stess, worry, guilt, everything satan could possibly manage to place on my heart. All of those things don't matter though, I lift them up to him and he lightens my load... so i opened up the bible last night and found a very promising verse that gave me confidence..

Jeremiah 32:40 " And i will make an everlasting covenant with them, that I will not turn away from doing them good; but I will put Fear in their hearts so that the will not depart from Me. "

After reading this verse it all made sense. If I didn't possess the fear of failure, would my walk with him consequently stumble or halt ultimatly? Good question. I merely a human in Check.

well off to watch the thunderbirds rock out, see ya.

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