Tuesday, November 25, 2003

wow dudes God is great.

the Ancient of Days, hes called
wonderfully magnificant in extravagance
clothing whiter than snow
at his feet, rivers of fire aflow
his will, wants, needs take all-
all of life's attention, not part
for part leaves whole behind
and behind is not a place to be left.

Twilight - The time of the day when the sun is just below the horizon.

A midway point of time, an area of true gray. Twilight is what sinners live in, a life of both worlds. The only difference in Christian sinners is that they are mere sinners saved by Grace even though night is still trying to hold on. Two worlds, one body. Two wills, one decision. Two desires, one heart. Two choices, one action. You have self rightousness in one hand, and holy rightousness in the other "The dawning day, the dying night". Twilight is where we bog down into sin, where the light turns gray, where our love's intent is shattered by evil, where it is good to be a Christian. His unparalelled love, the definition of true love, His sacrafice ends our twilight.

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