Monday, December 08, 2003

Alrighty here I am.

Spent the entire day not studying four days before two final examinations.
Why don't i care? Because I had a great day.
I was able to experience His beautifully created day. The afternoon was so extravagently carved that i was able to find a grassy knoll, whip out some Mr. Warren and totally engulf in his glory. It was overwhelming paradise. So that lasted... about 4 hours.. lol. I fell asleep in the middle somewhere, it was so exhilarating!!

I do have work ahead of me, but i know that no madder what, i will perservere to the end because of Him. Its inevitable.

Trials and tribulations attempt to run our lives, such as the attempting to keep that 4.0. If we let ourselves remain on the freeway of stress and worry, there will exist only honking horns, graphic sign language, and choice words. Guys we need the scenic route alot of the time. We need our quiet time to recognize what he has given us.

Road rage can closely parallel with the fallibilities of man. You must confess that at one point and time within your life, you have been very angry with the ignorance of another driver. Your love towards this person quickly diminishes the moment they pull out infront of you. My cousin was murdered in houston on a freeway last year. A group of teenagers through a brick from the back of thier truck onto his windshield going 60mph. Why? Why would God let such an event happen. The brick itself did not kill him, his anger did. He chased this truck and forced it to stop. For some ungodly reason my cousin got out expecting to kick some butt and was struck in the head repeatedly with a board of nails. Grotesque? I think so.

Where is God's reasoning?

Well lets go back to the begining describing my awesome day. What defined my day as awesome? How was i able to distinguish this day from the rest? Without a bad day, how can i have a good one. How would I ever be able to explicitly give glory to God without events such as my cousin's murder? I pray for blessings and understanding upon his family, but I praise and exalt God. He has allowed myself to perservere from this tragedy by furthering my glorification of his awesome omnipotent presence.

I tend to miss the exit ramps.
" The path of life leads upward for the wise to keep him from going down to the grave." Proverb 15:24
Today's scenic route once more steered me towards Him.

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