Monday, December 15, 2003

Life begins. How beautiful it is.

Beautiful. Splendorous. Magnificant.

As a toddler, we were totally oblivious to our own beauty, our miraculous conception. It takes a few years to define the purpose of exisitance before one can truely grasp why life is beautiful.

Why is life beautiful?

The gift of life was given through one sole undertaking, that is awesome. Life is beautiful because no matter how much we fall, slip, or dive into things so complexly undefined, we can use a simplistic way to rediscover and reinvent who we are. We are loved to such an extent, that there is no other love comparable. Its a love that is unbounded to anything earthly treasures can hold, a love that cannot be truely concieved bya mere human. It's expanses are beyond our grasp man! We are loved constantly and its omnipresent state will never leave our side. So when you are down, when life hits you with alot of crap man, its alright. Its alright.

Why does life seem to be brutal at times of despair?

Ha, i know none of us will ever truely experience being forsaken, cuz it says he won't hehe.

His intricate plan is omnipresent along with his love guys. When an eleven year old kid is nearly drowns and goes into a coma, His will is in its most unconcievable state. But dudes, hes got it all mapped out. Collin is an innocent eleven year old who loved playing baseball and going hunting. But, instead of doing either of these, he is now staring in the biggest game of all. His life has fallen into the mercies of the Lord's intricate plan. God has taken him under his wing.

That is beautiful my friend.

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