Wednesday, February 18, 2004

i've had a great day, yet it has been miserable.
i'm tired... yet i act totally rejuvenated.
i have a test tommorow, and i can't wait to start it.

worship was awesome tonight. God definatly led me to the Wesley foundation for obvious reasons. At the wesley I'm able to become integrated into an enviroment that is very laid back and has multitudes of good times all the time. I do mean ALL THE TIME.

Man date auction was INSANE tonight. Our date had the worst outcome, yet I think it had one of the best. 5 girls get to go rock climbing and eat out at amazon cafe for $10 and $20!! that is insane!! Chris really read the date description wrong, but we were all laughing way too hard and too embarrased to correct him. We had the like most mac-dad date there, yet our attempts to portray a lavish Walton lifestyle automatically stereotyped us as the typical poor, unambitious, half-baked college students we aren't. With this mental block in thier heads, and the fact that Chris mis-pronounced "Thousand foot Krutch" as "Thousand Foot Crotch" , the uneasy bidders were convinced that these guys were barely worth opening bid. Let me tell ya the girls had some very undiscerning looks commin out da cheeks. Oh well, it was Hella funny... i think i nearly died laughing, but hey! i believe this is more of a fellowship project as opposed to fund raiser... why would Max truely want to take the college student's money??? there is greater purpose than to just raise money for things.. cuz wesley has got money. I've been hangin out with wesley fokes more this week than i have this semester. Its really awesome how Wesley truely is a unique christian organization. I can hang out with christian friends and without second thought share whats on my heart. Wow am I blessed or what??? I need to strive to intiate these conversations more often. I believe these convos keep my spirit on fire and allow God to work and build character through each experience. Let me tell you, Zac is a very awesome person. I truely believe his fruit of the spirit is wisdom. If you don't know him, i urge you to reach out to him.

I'm totally excited cuz Kanakuk clicked my digits today! how awesome is that? (they called my house and noone was home-- then when i heard it was past office hours.. so.. yeah. lol) God's plans are His plans whatever the outcome maybe.

Prayer is powerful. Why you may ask? It can change the mind of the creator the universe if used with the right motives... that is amazing.

Stay strong in faith guys. Let his love that overflows within your own heart reach out to others this week.

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