Sunday, February 22, 2004

Nothing is impossible, Nothing. God is great.

God has shown the script for my life this year, and so awesome that nothing I can say would be able to express the joy I feel in my heart, its indescribable. God has a script for everyone and it is awesome! Because by playing the role of servant, our jealous God is capable of being loved in the most proficient way.

He wants us, he wants you. Wake up and scream out how beautiful your nap was, and how beautiful your fuzzy skrewed up hair really is. Ask him to show you the plans he has laid out for you. Take advantage of a life encompassed with endless joy through the precious sacrifice of our magnate savior.

I've been lost this semester in contemplation. Where does God want to use me? Where should I serve? I've asked God all semester where he wants me and I got an awesome answer. I first went to After Dark, and I sat by myself. I had no clue what was going to happened except I was gunna rawk out with By the Tree cuz they are off tha chain fo sheezy. It was so tight to hear the white man flow-- that was cool. Anyhoo-- I felt a calling on my heart that night. It started my senior year in high school actually. I feel called to love Christ through mentorship while serving as a rolemodel/spiritual guider/whatever else he wants me to do. He intentionally started my leadership service in high school on purpose, and I believe that. I felt a calling at After ark to become a part of the Kanakuk experience. It wasn't one of those things.. "OO that would be really fun and it would be almost impossible to miss finding God there".. It was more like Man God is telling me to do this. It felt so right. I talked to a leader after After Dark that night and I felt the Holy Spirit stir like a rabid hippo.

God longs for our pursuing. This weekend emotionally opened my heart when I met Jonathan. He was a Coast Guardy from Galveston. We shared our faith all weekend and truly become close friends in Christ. Man God is beautiful. John has struggled all his life, I do mean absolutely struggled. I had nothing to compare to the pain and suffering that God has tested him with. The most beautiful thing was that this guy knew who God truly is in his life. John was able to share the deepest, darkest flaws of himself without hesitation. He truly showed me what it was like to have a Brother in Christ. Parting with John was a hard thing to do, it was as if I knew him for many years. He and I both felt a great connection through Christ. We exchanged phone numbers and are gunna plan a weekend visit to Galveston sometime, that would be truly amazing. Hes the prez-d at Galveston Wesley, and let me tell you, the devil's works in the Galveston area is beyond belief. That is a reach-out mission in itself, ministering to fokes down there.

God has reasons for everything. I recently signed a contract with Kanakuk Kamp this summer. Words cannot describe the joy in my heart. I know God wants me there, that's the beauty. I am certain I am answering the call for my life. Its kinda like coming to AtM-- I prayed about it-- and applied to ATM only-- I wasn't even in the top 10%! Ha! Another example of God's extraordinaries. He sent me here, not my application. I can look back and say wow God has my life planned. He has plans for me to walk through beautiful pastures filled with his extraordinary love and extravagance. He has given me great ambition to love Him in an utmost manner. This weekend was about loving others, and once again WOW. Bang, Pow, Pop! All at once. It totally strengthened my ability to interact with fellow Christians. I can see myself serving at Wesley for years to come, and it is a beautiful foresight. I feel called to be plugged into Wesley, especially after this weekend. Whether it was because I got nominated for just about everything-- not by my fellow AtM students-- but by relationships I had made that weekend. I feel as though I was able to connect, and reach out to other absolute Christians.

Word of God Speak,
Would You pour down like rain,
Washing my eyes to see,
your majesty,
to be still and know,
that you're in this place.
please let me stay and rest,
in your holiness.
-Mercy Me

Make me the Breath of God -Shane and Shane

~Forever Forward~

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