Friday, April 30, 2004

Well I believe you when you would say your hand will guide me everywhere
well i receive the words you say every moment of every day,
well I will walk by faith even when i cannot see, well because this broken world will plant your will for me.
Help me to rid my endless fears - you've been so faithfully for all my years
with the one breath you make me need - your grace covers all i do. walk by faith-jeremy camp

God has given me a great deal of peace this past week. Hes keeps making his presence so obvious that there is nothing for me to do but be abundantly joyful. The hope he gives me is my peace. I know that I am taken care of... I know there isn't a sin I can commit that will screw up my life, for our God is just.

"...through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the glory of the Lord" Romans 5:1-2

all it takes is faith to save your soul from eternal condemnation... all it takes is faith to relieve yourself of so many worries...
A deep intimate relationship with our savior fixes.. all our problems. He puts us at ease.. lifts the massive yolk. Jesus has more than just love for each and everyone of us.. he has a romance that is capable maintaining a personal, intimate relationship with every person on earth. If that doesn't put you at ease.. i dunno what will. Jesus is your Savior.

UPSTREAM IS AWESOME!! we had our last meeting last night :(, .. it was so tight though.. we went to this random train bridge way outside of town at like 12AM and had our groupage till like 2AM.. it was way cool

I am so pumped right now.. i've had such a great 2 days.. waking up past 12.. doing NOTHING!! and having a road trip tomorrow to UT!! dang man this is just great :) I finally faxed all my kanakuk documentation stuff off today.. they must have called me like 5 times since march.. the due date... lol... silly lazy Christian kids. Anyways im off to spend the entire night playing Halo like there is no tomorrow... it is going to be so awesome you should wish you were coming.. 3 X-Boxes... 3 TV's.... 8+ people.... (some of the girls are better than me.. ). Halo could be described as the game that connects the nerds and the jocks... its like a universal game for all social groups. anyhooo
May His Peace be with you

~Forever Forward~

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