Saturday, December 04, 2004

Outside the darkness is slowly easing away as morning makes its mark on the night sky. Light filters across the horizon, and the dawning day washes over everything in its path, gradually dissolving the blackness in its wake.
It is twilight. No longer night, but not yet morning.
In Romans 7, Paul describes his Spiritual twilight
I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good
Romans 7:15-16
The law is good by revealing our innate, sinful nature. It reveals our flesh's chains as slaves to sin. Whats been so awesome for me is to realize God's purpose for us as a Christians. To meet with Him humbled, and to meet with Him at a malleable state in order for Him to shape and mold us into Godly tools for His Kingdom's advancement. There is no other way to do it without realizing that even though we have been born again, we still possess flesh. We possess sinful desires that deceive our hearts and spiritual defenses. Blatantly put, we screw up. But God gives us Grace, and to say that just because he gives us Grace and doesn't care would be outside the Christian teachings. It would be a piece of theology that Satan would enjoy infecting the hearts and minds of men and women across the world.
The extreme term to this idea called antinomianism

The doctrine or belief that the Gospel frees Christians from required obedience to any law, whether scriptural, civil, or moral, and that salvation is attained solely through faith and the gift of divine grace.
What God has shown me is that in order to be a Christian, I must come before Him with everything. I know this is a very "used" idea... but there is a definite reason why, its simply biblical. Jesus Christ said drop all you have and follow me. That is also very "used", but its simply biblical as well.
The more broken I become, the more malleable I behave.
I've asked God how to become more effective, more penetrating, more genuine and I continue to get the continous same answer. There is no more "rebirthing". You are born of the water and spirit once. There is no next level. From the point of spiritual conversion and onward I must continually become less and He become more. Desiring a deeper impact is very productive, but thinking that it will require me, in some form or fashion, become a different person is unbiblical. God said in John 14 that we have been equiped with another Counselor who is the Spirit of Truth and a beggoted faction of God and Jesus Himself, if you will. We are equiped with every potential possible of this world and the next. The Spirit within us has potential to do things even angels "long to look into" 1Peter1:12. The constant battle of Christianity is for those who call themselves "believers" to actually believe. To actually make moving mountains with faith a reality. To abolish any restraints of the Spiritual abilities. When was the last time you witness a healing? When was the last time the Holy Spirit came down upon a group in your presence? Do you see these things, and do you, without a doubt, believe in thier occurances?
When Peter began to sink while walking on water Jesus simply said - "Oh you of little faith," He said"why do you doubt?"
I'm assuming Peter's inititive was to prove himself a Spiritual being. To prove his Faith. What I think God has been telling me these past few days is to just freaking DO what the SPIRIT is telling me to do! Its that easy. Thats how easy life is. JUST DO IT! Nike :)
Just live the entire Christian life... not pick and choose pieces of it and stick with that.
  • Pray that you would be filled with the Spirit.
  • Pray that you would be shown ever poisionous aspect of your life.
  • Pray that your perspective would be from the Eyes of God.
  • Pray that you would continously pray and meditate about all of the above, along with endless scriptural foundation for every thought, idea, action, and even spoken word!
Twilight - Not yet day and past the encompassing darkness of night.
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Taking into account my perspective of life a year ago, I consider myself transformed indefinitely. My sensitivity to the Spirit and discernment have exponentially grown thanks to Jesus Christ.
Throughout the past year I've found a statement to be absolutely true. This statement has proved to even serve as a "measurement tool", if you will, for my spiritual walk and even the well-being of my soul.
The bigger they are, the harder they fall
just kidding... or am I?(yes)
The summation of my soul's wellness has been defined by the ways in which I've reacted towards the sin I commit in my own life.
Jesus said that our faith must be greater than the faith of the Pharisees. The Pharisees did not have an intentional faith, but rather ceremonial foods that they described as things which diverted God's wrath. Boy where they wrong-- lol
The way I react towards sin in my life coincides with the condition of my well-spring of life, the heart.
I believe the answer to the common question, "How are you?" is found this way. The question's true purpose is to establish the healthiness of another's soul with an intent of compassionate contemplation. Jesus said to share the Good News, which is His Word.
In this time, in between full day, I'm torn between God's way and my way. The farther I've walked Spiritually the more absolutely painful it is when night begins to invade. All of Twilight could be taken to a different level of actual warfare. God is at war with Satan. The purpose of the war is for God to win hearts and souls to praise his name. The purpose for Satan is to do absolutely anything to have us do otherwise. The only thing that can't be tampered with is Free Will.
I am between the midnight and dawn of my soul. I'm in twilight. The darkness is not completely covering my heart, but the sun hasn't come up yet. Hope comes from knowing that the God who began this good work is going to complete it. Over time the sun is coming up.
anyways! its past my bedtime
these next two weeks will require some great perseverance for some of us saints!
~Forever Forward~


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