Monday, October 20, 2003

i haven't gotten around to posting one of these in a bit. This is actually in direct correlation with my walk with christ, sadly... I haven't been exactly living "on fire for god" but more so living "lukewarm", experiencing life inside my comfort zone. Today I wasn't able to wake up early like i usually do on mon/wend. and experience a beautiful morning on the way to the rec.. i was lazy.. i wanted to sleep just a little more... this is a definate example of one instance in which I didn't respond to god's awesomeness, but instead I attempted to satisfy myself with other things... i believe that as we mature in our relationship with christ, dicipline is a must man!!! my dicipline would include taking time out for god, looking, experiencing the world around myself such as finding a place to stare at the stars one night or getting up early as mentioned before and feeling an early morning breeze... keeping my temple at the upmost alertness (staying in shape).. giving my worries to him!! thats really hard during my school times... but i find when i do give everything to him, humbling myself towards him becomes much much easier in the long run.

If i didn't have to take summer school next summer i would most definatly work at Philmount Scout Ranch in New mexico.. I got the application in the mail last week-- I am still debating... i could just come back as a 2nd year freshman and go out there and work all summer.. it is SOOOOO beautiful out there, i definatly reached an all-time jesus high... his beauty was so abundant...

well anyhow, God is such a pimp!!! and like they say.. Pimp'in Ain't easy.. if that isn't an oxymoron i don't know what is.... lol

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