Thursday, October 16, 2003

Great things come, leave, wither into the past. But the greatest thing of all contains none of these attributes. The greatest thing one might possess is forever and omnipresent. So many things in this life gain priority over the greatest thing whether we strive for perfection or not, its human nature. We are not perfect. Its the understanding that we have these self-satisfying priorities existing within our heart that makes us Christian. We see our flaws.. our incompatablities with God's will.. our actions that result in severing God's heart. His love for us is abundant through thick and through thin. And as christians we believe Jesus was crucified in order to grant our forgiveness, no matter the degree.

One of the hardest things to overcome is to gather the courage to ask for this forgiveness. We must cry out out for our father to rip our pains, ales, worries, sins, constraints, Burdens out of our mind, our heart, our life. He can carry and does carry the weight of the world daily for all eternity. I can only hope that i will continue to be able to cry out daily, be able take the yoke off of my shoulder and instead take God's... cuz his yoke is easy, its virtually burdenless...

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