Tuesday, October 14, 2003

My most looked forward to worship service once more takes my knees out! its the service which i can physically feel the holy spirit flow through my body and make my shiver all over... the presence of god is omnipresent.. i can't see it possible for a non-christian to attend BreakAway and not be converted then and there. There is so many signs of god there that i cannot possibly express them. They are undescribable. As I worship I'm able to see, feel, understand why I follow God's word and lead my life in search of his rightousness, not my own. There was a part of the service in which we recognized the things that place constaints on our walk with god, things that hold us back from proclaiming at the top of our lungs God's word, things that attempt to fill the void in our lives, a void that cannot be filled without God himself... well the speaker was praying that we would be able to , at that very moment, remove those constraints.. put them into the past.. and relieve ourselves of our past with Jesus' sacrafice.. he asked the lord to lift the constraints.. and at that very moment it felt as if something, someone was rushing through my body, removing weight, removing pain, removing my past.. removing my self-rightousness, removing my guilt of submitting myself to temptation.. i felt the spirit flow through my body and i knew what it was.. as soon as the word "lift" processed into my brain i felt this awesome feeling and that is the feeling i live for, let me tell ya. That feeling is the Cornerstone of my life. So the series was about Jesus' presence in the past, present, future.......

My future is in his hands.. I have NO CLUE as to what i want to do.. what i want to be.. I want to be an Aerospace engineer.. but that possiblity might not play out.. i might not make the 2.85 GPR required to retain this major... if not then God obviously doesn't want me to do this! i feel the want to lead, nothing big, but i just need to explore this feeling, and see if its something that I need to focus more on.. i don't konw for sure it is or not, and as i said earlier i am reluctant to think so... its all in his hands! For realio!

I got some Kizzoool jesus friends, and i thrive upon them!!! i may scare them away at times.. but its all good!

anyways adios diary

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