Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Wow school has started! I am back into circulation with a different agenda every single day!!

A tough issue I have encoutered is who i should share my time with. Where should I serve?
Who do I spend time with the most? It is very possible that I've over dedicated my time. Last semester I was all about being "on fire" for God. Each opportunity that I was given to praise and serve him through an organization was pounced on. Now this semester, school has started, WORK will start next week, all of my organizations are having reunion meetings, i joined Men's choir! (for the three weeks that it is going to exist), and I've added to my course load!!!!!!

something has gotta give to allow all of this to fit into my life. God's plan for my life is one of comfort and untouchable by stress. His works within my life will fit exactly into the continuum of my life. There will be no empty spaces, hes planned it all.

"Its not what you know, its who you know", this statement is spread across college campuses world wide.
Who do I Know? Who do I share my God given time with?

1. transparency: So fine in texture that it can be seen through

The best friends in my life are those who keep me informed of thier walk with Christ. I don't have to put on a face and worry about how they analyze the intent of my words. Our hearts are forever bonded by the love of christ, and inturn gives us a very deep understanding of one another. The capacity of the love we share is beyond all bounds. The bonds we share in Christ create the deepest friendship known to God aside to the relationship we have with him. I've created a few of those relationship this semester, and I have found that they are the people who truely are capable of delivering comfort and support when I slip or take a wrong turn on my great expedition.

So i've totally met alot of new cool people this semester and am arranging to meet many more and totally share the love thats overflow'in in my heart, and once more! I will put a special focus on outreach this semester as I meet new faces around me. I met someone in history class today and I knew that Yes there is a reason I am sitting here. I need to share christ, its what I'm called to do so i make convo and take names, preparing to go in for the kill..., then class starts, doh! I failed earlier that morning in the coffee shop. I had the chance to spark conversation but i totally decided not to.. I didn't want to I dont know why! oh well maybe it was God saying YOU IDIOT SAY SOMETHING!! I sat at the table for like 15 minutes without talking at all! I got my coffee and started reading... I was like.. hmm maybe i should say something... but then i was like hmm... i don't wanna bother anyone let me mosey on down to class in 45 minutes... it does take awhile to get from the library to heldenfelds... blah!! A great contingency to fulfill my purpose was once more blown by the intraverted moron!
life is nuts!

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