Sunday, February 01, 2004

ok so i slide my card to open my Walton dorm door only to find the entire first floor flooded. Three guys were standing there while I was "soaking" in the situation. I decided to ask what happend, and one of the three pointed at the water fountain that was stuck on "high" mode. Then i thought back to the previous events of the day... and was like... whoops i remember hitting the fountain earlier that day cuz it was stuck and made it worse... lol. He told me not to worry blah blah.. and so i asked uhhh who are you? ahh my RA's, thats pleasant to know. So we continued to stand in an inch of water on carpet and another was like.. hmmm "whoa dude its going to be funny when the power goes out, because all the hall's power wiring is right there in water". I was like "uhh well maybe we shouldn't be standing in the water." ( mmm the weed is good isn't it? )...

anyways that is my first Walton hall catastrophe.

I think I had an encouter with food gone bad yesterday cuz i'm pretty durn sick. We bar-B-Q's at bobby "swole" 's house yesterday, I dunno something wasn't right :x, so I've felt horrible all super sunday.


i got up way early and felt really horrible. but i still went to sunday worship at wesley :), it was definatly worth it cuz it hit directly home with me. I am for sure going to find time to open up to max this week, hes very inspiring. Then, since i lasted through wesley service i headed to Living Hope with Nathan, oh boy what a mess-- I ended up mudding to a parkin spot, it was jam packed. As the service progressed i started feeling really crappy again, i couldn't stand without getting dizzy. At one point i thought i was ok and stood up and felt the most lightheaded i have ever felt, like when u vision goes black and ur like crrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap my head. oh well. i survived and thought living hope was very exciting. I still am in pursuit of the fitting church home.

anyhoo its time for me to bask in sleep. I slept from 1pm to 4pm this evening..

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