Friday, October 10, 2003

80's rock my world! I got back from the BYX open party tonight, it was bumpin... i must admit the women's fashion of the 80's is definatly a turn off... lol. I went with marcus, we rolled hard haha. I met lots of fokes there and hung out with Tiffany for awhile. Well i can't think of much to say about tonight now.. i started a the begining of a long paper... gotta finish it tommorow plus make time to visit tiffany after working from 8-12 and going to the game... i most likely will leave early to go work on my paper! I once more notice how anti-social i truely am. I got to know really noone tonight but i did spend time with tiffany so its all good. I think she got mad at me though... she wants me to go eat tommorow with her friends so i'm gunna go. She asked me and i was like well hopefully.. and she did the little puppy dog face.. ahhhhgggg. so yeah thats where i'll be tommorow night. Oh yeah!! i talked to my parents for like 30min tonight.. they are mad at me because i haven't contacted thim in like 7 days... haha they never responded to my email!! but mom said she spend like an hour typing me an email and it didn't send and she didn't know it so they were worried about me for a long time :( . i felt bad and dad pretty much said i have to contact them every 3 days... lol. Bill is doing better!! (hes the old dude who got run over by a tractor). They poped his hip into place easily and he just lost alot of skin on his back so hes going to be ok. I can't wait to get back home and visit now, i'm actually missing my parents haha. I miss the times i had with my sister and playing with my dog... ahhg. In college i can only get by knowing that god is there for me.. i don't know how i would survive and be able to stay away from unsatisfying wants without him.. i wouldn't be able to thats all there is to it. well this is good night fella i gotta hit the sack now.

see ya l8rs journal!

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