Saturday, October 11, 2003

How was god present in my life today?
this question is something i feel is required to be present in a christian's heart.

Today i was blessed cuz i had a cool ASM let me off work a little early so i could make it to the game with Wesley, i was excited! I think this was a god thing for realio! the fellowship was awesome.

I think god is telling me something that i really need to explore the definition of... patience.. it hit me like a sack of bricks tonight. If you guys didn't know already... i have given up dating.. until when? well untill i think that god has made me the person i need to be. I feel the calling of being a leader once more. I was projected as a leader through highschool and i know i will want to here. Right now will be preperation for the awesome things to come in my life. I have never heard myself talk about wanting to be a leader untill tonight.. maybe this is a sign. Sometimes i try to avoid coming to the realization that i might be called to be a leader.. i am scared of the fact that god might want this for my life because that would mean great sacrafice.... something the secular world of today makes extremely challenging... The only way for me to ever know what god wants with me is to ask him!! and i've been beggin that he tell me for a long time!! when the time is right he will drop me the d/l. I'm debating what church to go to tommorow!! i'll pray about it tonight and let god lead me in the morning.. good night and pleasant dreams.

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