Thursday, October 09, 2003

This is Thursday night... the conclusion of a very ackward night. It had its blessings and depressions, but its all good im still kick'in right? The worst part was I didn't get to play with kids :(. That is 2 weeks in a row i haven't been able to make it, that is so uncool. My engineering group made me stay and finish a project due on tuesday... I was so sad :( .

A blessing would definatly have to be Upstream. That is an awesome ministry. The worship might need a little less accoustic and more vocals but its great either way! My group has to be the coolest. We played sardines in the MSC, it was fun hehe! The best part had to be worship, it was great stuff! Then we went to Bernies and had some late night ice cream and chatted about random stuff.

After i departed from the group i found a grassy knoll and watched the clouds fly past the moon, it was so awesome... I could stare and see the bright moon shine through the clouds. It was amazing how the mind illustions played with me.. hehe. It looked like the eye of god was looking down upon me. So yeah tommorow i gotta work at HEB at 8AM... good stuff that means i get like 6 horus of sleep!!!! weeeee. I will be a drone bagging groceries the first 2 hours.. then eventually i will wake up. I have to work during the game too :(, i was looking forward to going to the game with the wesley. Oh well I'm headed to bed, I don't want to be totally inoperable tommorow!
bye journal! (lol)

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